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Site updated 6/26/16

Hampton Is On the Ballot:
Terry Hampton, of West Plains, has been certified as an independent candidate for state representative of the 154th district. (6/14/16)  You may email her at  For more details, click here.

Two More Candidates are Certified:
Joy Elliott of Vinita Terrace (86th district), and Jon Schuessler of Hillsboro (111th district), are officially certified to be on the ballot. (8/16/16)    Janice Jones, of Moline Acres, is also running as a write-in candidate for the 75th district.

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Stolen Votes
One in three seats in our state legislature are not represented by the people. Find out if your district is rotten from big-party politics.
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From school scandals to county crooks, our taxes are being sucked dry for personal gain. Find out why we can't afford to blindly trust our government.
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Then put that spunk to work! Organize your own Volunteer group, or if you're 24 or older, consider taking your sass to Jefferson City as a candidate.
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If you're concerned about your local, county, or state government, you've come to the right place! This site is dedicated to fostering individual participation in our society. We're here to provide access to political articles, community groups, important events, civic organizations, election information and much more.

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