Donating to the Missouri Volunteer Movement

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Monetary Contributions

Donations may be of any amount, as long as they are not anonymous.

You may contribute with a credit card through PayPal (or use funds in an existing PayPal account).

We also accept donations via check, money order or cash. All donations should be mailed to:

Missouri Volunteers for Government Reform
P.O. Box #136
4620 Yaeger Rd.
Hillsboro, MO 63050

Please note that the mail service does not guarantee the security of cash. Also make certain that you include your name, address and occupation for any kind of donation, otherwise we cannot accept it. This information is required by the Missouri Ethics Commission, not us. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Upon receiving your donation, we will write back with a heartfelt thank-you, along with a receipt for the amount received.

Service Contributions

If you have any time or talent that you wish to make available to the Volunteer cause, simply contact any Volunteer leader via mail, email or phone. You may reach Volunteer leaders by clicking here for contact information. No amount of time is too small to help out. Common contributions of service are around 2 hours per month. Even one hour per year is helpful.

If you are looking to take a more active role, particularly as a leader, you should consult this section on helping out.