Joy ElliottJoy Elliott

Indpendent Candidate for State Representative of District 86

City: Vinita Terrace
County: St. Louis

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June 12th, 2016

Press Release

Joy Elliott announced her run today as an independent candidate for state representative of District 86.  When she found out that the incumbent representative in her district - Joe Adams - was running unopposed, she decided that her community deserved more than one choice.

"I don't agree with a single thing that he said," Elliott stated, referring to the last time that she heard the representative speak.  "I told him that, too."

Joy Elliott said that she looks forward to being a strong advocate for her native district, fighting corruption, and steering clear of special interests. She is campaigning alongside three other independent candidates: Terry Hampton (West Plains), Janice Jones (Moline Acres), and Jon Schuessler (Hillsboro).

Joy needs 164 signatures to be placed on the ballot.  She intends to file petitions with at least 250 signatures by the first half of July, well before the August 1st deadline. 

Joy's Political Views

I believe that:

  1. Our government needs sensible, intelligent conversation between its members. Many legislators don't feel the need to discuss real problems. Instead, they distract the public with finger-pointing and controversy.
  2. Our government needs to be honest. There is a culture of deceit and secrecy in government that has destroyed the public's trust in our ability to solve problems as a society.
  3. Our government should be fair.  State and local officials have turned a blind eye to corruption and injustice within their own ranks.  Special interests and the interests of the two-party system have taken priority over the public's interests. 


Joy Elliott is first and foremost a Christian.  She is also a passionate advocate for her community.

Joy was born and raised in St. Louis County.  An expert in computers, Joy has also studied linguistics, anthropology, and sociology.  She has written a book and developed new techniques for cultural research.

Currently, she works in the field of data mining.