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Written Speech Delivered March 19th, 2016 (Word format 18K)

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Proposed Draft - February 20th, 2016 (Word format 21K)
Proposed Draft - February 20th, 2016 (PDF 94K)

You can contribute to our platform by visiting our forums or contacting us directly.

One Family, Many Voices

Our primary mission is to ensure that all citizens are heard, no matter how distasteful we may find their message. Missouri is a special place, with a people as diverse as its land. That diversity should give rise to many points of view, many ideas.

Unfortunately, Missouri has been dominated instead by a pair of selfish voices struggling for power. They have drowned out all others. They have created artificial "sides" which push people together for very little gain, and pull them apart at a terrible cost.

It's time for an end to the Two Party System.

We believe that Missouri is a land of many voices. As such, every voice should be given its due. Political leaders should be able to speak without having to compromise their principles. They should be able to disagree, rather than forced to conform.

At the same time, we believe that Missouri is a political family. This means that we should not seek to use our disagreements as an excuse to stop talking or listening to each other. Rather, disagreements are all the more reason that we should find the areas where we do agree. Common ground, not compromise, is what keeps a family healthy and prosperous.

Our Vision

As Volunteers, we seek to empower ourselves and each other. Our goals are:

The Plan

There are many ways to accomplish our goals, and we encourage local initiative. However, our political system also needs major reform at the state level. Therefore we propose to:

About the Issues

The major political parties use "issues" to divide and conquer their opposition. Media plays its part, creating controversy to make profit.

For us, there is only one real issue:

Ordinary people have no voice.

It doesn't matter what we think about any other issue, if we have no voice in our government. That is why we should be united in our opposition to the two-party system. Until a better, more open system is in place, this must take priority.

We realize that many people want to hear about other issues, like abortion or health care. Again, we believe these topics distract us from the basic flaws and bad behavior of our government.

We can catalog the problems that we see in different areas, and suggest solutions, but even these solutions are at best temporary unless we change the system of government that created them in the first place.

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