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Dec 2015 Issue
Part One: State of Corruption
Part Two: County Crooks
Part Three: Bad Neighbors

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The Elite Lawyers of St. Louis
December 2nd, 2015

by Jon Schuessler

Introduction | Part One | Part Two | Part Three

In the final section, we focus upon waste and corruption in local communities. City governments, school administrations and housing authorities are put to the question. We call it:

Bad Neighbors

Schools are the main feature of this issue. We’ll review some of the most unscrupulous officials to take the reins of power in recent memory.

The Gamblers
The Story of Henry Williams, Riverview Gardens Superintendent, and
The Riverview Gardens School Board

The Charges: Embezzling $100,000, Defrauding School Reserves of $10,000,000
The Accusers: State Auditor Susan Montee, Citizens of Bellefontaine Neighbors

In July of 2002, the school board of Riverview Gardens took a gamble. They hired Henry P. Williams, a man with a checkered past, as their superintendent. Williams had lost jobs...
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The Candy Man Can
The Story of Fred Czerwonka, St. Joseph Schools Superintendent, with
Wendy Czerwonka, Director of the St. Joseph Homeless Program, and
Dan Colgan, School Board President, with
Mark Colgan, Technical Director of the District Warehouse, and
Doug Flowers, St. Joseph Human Resources Director, with
Tammy Flowers, Director of Early Childhood Programs

The Charges: Defrauding the St. Joseph School District of up to $40,000,000, Nepotism, Libel, Corruption
The Accusers: Trustee Chris Danford, CFO Beau Musser, Reporter Sam Zeff, State Auditor Tom Schweich, Ballotepedia and various news agencies

The agenda for the March 24th, 2014 school board meeting in St. Joseph promised nothing new. Board Trustee Chris Danford, however, had something to say that nobody anticipated. Speaking in full view of the public...
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Liar Liar
The Story of Dianne Critchlow, Fox School District Superintendent

The Charges: Corruption, Libel, Destroying Public Records, Nepotism, Fraud
The Accusers: Citizens of Arnold, various news agencies, CFO John Brazeal

Dianne Critchlow, before her early retirement, was being paid a public salary of $260,000. Including perks, the Fox school district was paying her $337,000 overall. She was the 3rd-highest paid...
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Out of Thin Air
The Story of Michael Song, UMKC Business Professor, and
John Norton, UMKC Business Professor

The Charges: Collecting $1,636,000 While Falsifying Student Achievements
The Accusers: Pricewaterhouse Coopers, The Kansas City Star

In 2013, the Bloch School of Management – part of the University of Missouri in Kansas City – seemed to be on the fast track to success. Its entrepreneurial program was rated very highly, albeit...
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The Phantom Purchase
The Story of Thomas Stritzel, Chief of the St. Louis Park Rangers, and
Joe Vacca, Deputy Commissioner of the St. Louis Parks Division

The Charges: Defrauding St. Louis City of nearly $473,000
The Accusers: St. Louis Metro Police, the FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office

Whenever the park rangers of St. Louis needed a radio replaced or repaired, Thomas Stritzel, their chief, would make a request to Joe Vacca, a high-level bureaucrat in the Parks Division...
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A Murder of Crows
The Story of the Incestuous Municipal Courts of St. Louis County, featuring: The Charges: Collusion, Corruption, Perverting Justice
The Accusers: The Washington Post, the U.S. Department of Justice

St. Louis County has 81 separate municipal courts. Some cities are small. Yet even the tiniest can afford to maintain a court, because the legal system not only pays for itself – it turns a tidy profit...
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Jon Schuessler is a Volunteer leader in Jefferson County, and the chairman for Missouri Volunteers for Government Reform, a Political Action Committee (PAC) of the Volunteer Movement. Click here to read his bio or contact him.

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