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All legislators are not created equal.

At least, according to the Democrats and Republicans they aren't. You can read about the inequities in this article here.

So, how much influence does your legislator have? That's the question we hope to answer for you with our Missouri maps of legislator influence. You can download them by clicking on the links below.

State Map of All House Districts (236 KB) | Large version (555 KB)
Kansas City Map of House Districts (149 KB) | Large version (440 KB)
St. Louis Map of House Districts (203 KB) | Large version (673 KB)
Springfield Map of House Districts (129 KB) | Large version (331 KB)

In addition, here are two links that will prove very useful if you don't know the number of your representative district or senatorial district:

This first link goes to the "Legislator Lookup" tool on the Missouri Senate's website. It's very good - just put in your address, and it will tell you your representative district, your senate district, and the statewide office-holders. In the upper right corner, there's a tiny link that will show you a detailed map of your senate district if you click on it.

This second link goes to a different "Legislator Lookup" tool on the Missouri House's website. It's not as good as the senate's, because it only operates off of a ZIP code and so it may give you three or four answers for your representative district. Also, it doesn't tell you which senate district you're in. However, it does have a very nifty Google map for every district that comes up in the search, which can zoom in or out. Still, don't use this link for anything but the maps - the first link is much better for finding out information about where you live.

Finally, if you are interested in the source data for the maps' "influence scores", check the analysis by clicking here.

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