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We Are Nonviolent

We do not believe, or endorse, violent acts of aggression. There's no excuse to hurt someone who isn't directly, physically hurting you. Words have power, ideas have power, and that is how we intend to change our government: by refusing to be silent.

We Are Not National

We intend to change our system from a top-down focus to bottom-up. The Volunteer Movement is dedicated to starting political change from its source: the people. This can't happen if we focus on national, top-down policy. That's why we are Missouri-based, and focused on local and state communities. Although federal policies can affect us, local and state politicians are the ones who choose (or don't choose) to carry them out.

Empowering People

Every year, our government puts up more barriers to real, meaningful participation. Politicians insulate themselves with regulations, legal jargon and staff bureaucrats. Political parties dominate elections to the point that the outcome is often known before any votes are cast!

Ordinary people have little time and even less chance of getting past these obstacles. The Volunteer Movement exists to bring people back into the political process. We support large-scale, radical reform that will allow people to express their true wishes. Democracy lives or dies in the heart of the individual, not in the supposed will of the majority.

The Greater Good Does Not Justify the Lesser Evil

It's easy to talk about policies in broad, sweeping terms, but it's the individual people who have to live with them. We do not believe in the logic of the "greater good" where a minority of individuals may be impoverished, jailed or otherwise wronged in order to make the majority comfortable. Wrong is wrong, no matter how few, or who, gets mistreated, or how many people benefit from it. Therefore the Volunteer Movement stands behind the sanctity of the individual - their life and their liberty - over any supposed "greater good".

A Code of Honor

Character is important. Our leaders should be honest. They should display humility and true moral courage, not posture with arrogance in order to excite public anger, jealousy and fear. They should be willing to take risks, but also willing to admit their mistakes.

We can't expect our leaders to value these things, however, if we don't value them in ourselves. That's why it's important that Volunteers do their best to be people of principle. This applies not just to our political candidates, but to everyone who takes part.

Volunteers won't share all, or perhaps even most, of the same ideals. We do, however, have this in common - a respect for each other's freedom. Our unifying principle is that our government has no right to coerce a person in moral matters or civic affairs, except to prevent harm to another.

Beyond this, Volunteers would also ideally:

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